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Hello again!

First of all; we haven't released any new feature on the server and no staff listing changes has been made. That's because of other activities I have this weekend which leads to a delayed schematic. Also, our permission system has taken a long time to finish which also made some delays. Keep in mind that we have set the server into maintenance mode because of some issues with the connection with our plugins. Expected day when we close the maintenance period is Monday.

But not everything has been into trouble this week, we are now planning to release our Shop next week! The shop will contain our Premium rank and Credit Boosters. A giveaway from our Twitter page with one of these items may appear, keep your eyes open, who knows? Maybe you are the winner? Follow us on Twitter and be ready!

Also we will hopefully introduce our voting system next week and begin to advertise the server which may lead to an increased player count!

Our gamemode The Ladder (THL) will also be updated in a few weeks for improvements.

Follow us on Twitter for announcements and giveaways from our Media team!

23 Sep 2016, 18:56 1 | 24

Hello everyone! Today I will introduce Feature Friday that will be posted every week with a list of new features and things we've done!  This event will be placed on Friday every week and we will release you tons of features and other contents. This can also include staff promotions or demotions.


Features we've done this week:

- Statistics have been released and is now collectable. They can be accessed using /statistics or /stats.

- Credits is finally released and now collectable too! Access it with /credits or /c.

- A few bug fixes on the Minecraft servers.

To see someone else's statistics or credit amount, simply add their name behind the command (e.g /stats Hqnnes).


Promotions & demotions

Jonathanm01 promoted to Moderator.

Xsite promoted to Moderator (in a test period).

ZaxterTv promoted to Moderator (in a test period).

16 Sep 2016, 18:30 1 | 56


We have recently opened our staff applications were you can apply for the Moderator rank.

The application is available here. We haven't discussed when we should close it but we expect to have it open a few weeks.

10 Sep 2016, 19:26 1 | 39


Hello again, as you maybe already can read in the title, this post will contain alot. So let's get started, but first; I'll like to thank the new members for registering. Me, and the staff team hope that more members will register once the server goes live which I'll begin to talk a little more about soon.


Further plans for the server

The Cubecast Network project has been in my mind for more than a year now, and the development has been in progress for around 6-7 months. Most of the time has been into creating the gamemode Control The Monuments (CTM). But the thing that makes everything so complicated is that this is the first gamemode plugin I've ever made, to some other developers this would sound kind of crazy. And you maybe would wonder why if you aren't a developer. The thing is that CTM are not the easiest gamemode to code, not at all. It contains things that I never had heard about before. You can just imagine that my last plugin before CTM, was a motd plugin, and I was so proud of it xD. But now I assume that you get how much time it takes to make these gamemodes, and with this in mind I'll like to announce some plans.

We will try to release the server on the 2nd of Semptember this year. The release has been set most due to the shutdown of the Overcast Network, but also because it's on a Friday. The time exactly when we will release the server will be 7.00pm / 19.00 (UTC+1).

Website changes

We will perform some changes on the website under the development of Cubecast Network, these changes can include anything! Suggestions or opinions? Leave a comment and share your ideas and maybe make them into reality!


Rank positions

The rank positions that were set for a long time ago have now been a little changed, take a look here and take a look at the current staff list. Interested being a staff member yourself? Keep updated on the forum for annoncements when we open our staff applications.


Greetings, ystrike099 - Owner of the Cubecast Network.

15 Aug 2016, 13:36 5 | 134