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Hello once again!

First of all; this week has been kind of busy for me and therefore I haven't made any big changes to the gamemodes or plugins. A new map has been made and is available in the rotation, thank you Hqnnes for the contribution. Otherwize there aren't so many changes. But, I have big plans for the future and this post will contain most of what I think can make the server even more unique and of course better. Read everything before replying.


Abusive staff members

Recently I've heard from people that there are several abusive staff members who acts bad for the community. I have read the discussion that is available here and I can confirm the action from logged files I've found. As owner of the network, I take this very serious and I will prioritize this and make sure that this will never happen again. It's my role to prevent staff members and everyone to do these actions and I will prevent this. SwishySlime will handle further discussions about this that may appear on the forum. If you have more information about this case, please send a message privately to me.


Staff role changes

The staff members who were abusing in a way that is not allowed will not be affected yet as the investigation is not finished.

Jonathanm01 were demoted from Moderator (Inactivity. Still have a chance to get back their position due to good friendship).

SwishySlimeMboss9 and Xsite have a chance to be promoted to Sr. Moderator in one week.


Moderator applications

We will keep them open for a few more weeks than we expected from the beginning. Go on! Apply if you want to be more involved in the community.


Contact Us

It will be easier to contact us now, me and maybe some other staff members will handle incoming emails. You can contact us here.


Further plans

Well now it's time to explain my plans for the server. Let's go!

In the next 3-4 weeks, we will code, build, prepare to advertise and alot of more to re-open our server. It's a mixed action we will do that combines a re-opening with a big server update.

A few days before the re-opening, the server will be closed and we will add our new features to the main servers from our development server were we test everything to ensure that no bugs appear. The day before we open, we will tell the Youtubers we have contacted earlier to upload a promotion video for the server. We will contact ALOT of Youtubers with a subscriber amount between 200 and 15000 who all plays Minecraft in order to make sure that some of them upload the video. This will hopefully increase the player amount. If you have more ideas to increase this value, please let us know!

But what will be do? We will fix most of the bugs that we have got reported, some of them are listed here. If you know a bug that is not listed, please reply to this thread and describe in detail about it. We will also add a new cool feature to Control The Monuments. Keyword: Hard. We will also complete more features in the lobby. Note that some of them are very advanced and complicated to do and it may take a few weeks more to make them. We will also add alot of new maps, we will try to make more small maps in order to start matches with a low player count and make them more intense.


With this said. I hope you see a cool future for the Cubecast Network.


Want to become more involved in the community? Speak with us on TeamSpeak by connecting to our TeamSpeak server using the adress Most of us can speak both English and Swedish. Staff members should join in order to better communicate and give us some daily reports, suggestions or anything. A good friendship can increase the chance for a promotion.

21 Oct 2016, 16:02 2 | 29

It's Feature Friday

week 41


What's new?

◾ Messages in Control The Monuments has been fixed.

◾ Our server-selector has been rewamped.

◾ Some more lobby features has been added, like the pumpkin head that can be weared if you reach 15 total votes.

◾ General bug fixes (as usually).



The New Staff Team

I'm proud to present the new staff team which includes Moderators. They will remove the hackers and make the server more peaceful. Please give them a good start by a nice comment or following them from their profile for better communications with them.

New Moderators:

- SwishySlime


New Senior Moderators:

Our current Senior Moderator must be contacted first until we can proceed with this. We have a few plans for the further positions of this rank. Good Moderators will be promoted.


And these people will be demoted:

- Garibaldi1131

- Xsite

- Zaxtertv

- xNights


Note: Due to the increased amount of staffs (we didn't thought so) we will keep the staff applications open longer.

Note: We will contact the demoted, promoted and denied players within 48 hours.



What's next?

◾ Add the /report command so players can report hackers/rulebreakers in-game.

◾ Release our shop with ranks and Credit boosters.

◾ And some more, crispy features waiting for you.



During halloween these changes will apply:

◾ The lobby has a new halloween theme.

◾ If you reach a total of 15 votes, you will be given a pumpkin head upon login.

◾ We will tweet giveaways on our Twitter page. Follow us and be ready.

15 Oct 2016, 01:57 3 | 62

Finally, it's time to say that we are back online and available for everyone. Let's make a resume of everything that have happened this week.


The server was griefed, who did it? And how?

Well. It's a bit complicated but I'll try to explain it in a user-friendly way.

All servers are connected to our proxy server, the proxy server manages all connections between these; so players can easily switch between them.

Our proxy server have online-mode enabled, which means that it will contact Mojang's authentication servers to validate if your Minecraft account is real or not. Accounts who aren't real are often called "cracked" and everyone can login with whatever username you can imagine wihout any password using these type of accounts. So basically, our proxy server is safe from these bad type of accounts.

But, to create this connection between these normal servers (lobby, ctm01 and thl01) to the proxy server, the normal servers needs to have online-mode disabled so the proxy can handle the authentication requests to Mojang. This means that people with "cracked" accounts are allowed to connect to these, but not if they go thru the proxy which everyone should do if they connect to

And now... How did OfficialAndy login with a cracked account? He ignored the proxy and directly connected to the lobby. How does this work? Well, it was pretty simple; he basically added 25566 to the adress as a port ( With this, he could login directly to the lobby and bypass all authentications. Of course, we have blocked this now.


What have we implemented to prevent more grief?

We have installed OnlyProxyJoin, a plugin that allows users to only connect thru the proxy server.

And a security plugin which only affects players who are operators. We have published a beta version of it on the lobby server. Me and the admins will go thru different types of checks and then the plugin will decide different actions.


Are there other changes besides the upgraded security?

Yes, a few things which you may not notice. But one visible feature is the profile item that now shows some character information about you, take a look!



Once again, thank you again for reading and being a part of the Cubecast Network, a proud server who efforts you a new era of Minecraft gamemodes.

07 Oct 2016, 23:26 5 | 96

Hello, we have some bad news:

We have been griefed and my Minecraft account (ystrike099) was hacked, in this way he/she used my permissions to grief the lobby, grief all maps, remove our permission system, delete regions and alot more. We have backups for most of these but it will take time to restore it. Due to the things he/she did, we will publish the details we found about him/her:


IP adress: (hidden)

Main account: OfficalAndy

The adress is hiden for now, it's just because of our kindness.


This will happen due to the action:

- People who got accepted from the application will need to wait.

- We will keep our server into Maintenance mode until we have everything restored, this means that we will have whitelist enabled.

- We will investigate this futher and update antything regarding this action on this topic.

- An extra layer of security will be added to the staff team's minecraft accounts.


Latest news about this topic:

- We have successfully got some sort of communication with the one who did this. The chat is available for everyone here.

- We will open the server on Friday.


If you have any details about this, either post a comment or let me know by sending a private message from my profile page.

03 Oct 2016, 15:00 22 | 462

Hello once again!

This Feature Friday, we would like to start introduce a new rotation, new development page and some small changes to our gamemodes.


What's new?

► A new map to Control The Monuments named Forgotten Warfare have been added, created by ystrike099 with some contributions from Garibaldi1131. It's now available to be played on the CTM01 server.

► Another awesome feature that we will soon bring to use is the development page that will have different resources for map development, also we have created a Github organisation for the future development of Cubecast Network. The organisation is available in the development page.

► We have also made some small changes to The Ladder, the points will now be rewarded every 5 seconds and you will now try to reach a total of 8 points.

► We also fixed a bug causing our StatisticManager to lose it's connection to the database.


What's next?

► We will begin to advertise the server to increase the player amount, expect long and cool matches to be played.

► The voting system will (hopefully) be implemented during the advertising.

► Our Premium rank will soon be purchasable.

► And also update Control The Monuments and The Ladder with compatibility different amount of teams.

30 Sep 2016, 18:54 1 | 79

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In beta

We are still in heavy beta, this means that bugs may appear and some features not be finished. Please visit our development page to track the progress and maybe contribute with some materials?